Neutral Posture, Inc., a Women's Business Enterprise, is committed to supporting and forming relationships with diverse businesses.

Neutral Posture has established the Diversity Business Development Program (DBDP) for Minority Business Enterprises, Women’s Business Enterprises, not-for-profit and non-profit organizations. The DBDP was created to provide new opportunities for smaller or growing businesses competing in today's highly competitive business environment. To support and encourage these businesses, the program is comprised of two parts:

  • Discount Pricing for customers
  • Bidding Opportunities for suppliers

Discount Pricing for our customers

Significant discount pricing has been established to offer Neutral Posture, Inc.'s products to these smaller, growing businesses that may not qualify for discounts otherwise. This includes not-for-profit and non-profit organizations. DBDP Discount Information: DBDP Registration Form

Bidding Opportunities for Suppliers

To maintain its commitment to leadership, quality and innovation, NP seeks minority and women-owned suppliers/vendors with these same standards. NP invites minority and women-owned suppliers to register with NP. s DBDP department to be included for consideration in future bidding opportunities.